Understanding Cinema 2013 -14: The Long Take

The Understanding Cinema project follows the lead of the Cinémathèque Française scheme ‘Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse’.  Each year this project looks at a particular skill within the vocabulary of the film maker, and explores it through a structured series of exercises.  Previous topics have included Mis En Scene, The Place of Real in Fiction, and Camera Movement, amongst many others.

This year’s topic is The Long Take.  Rules of the Game – Long Take 2013

The Understanding Cinema project places tutors in schools and community groups around Scotland, who follow the training offered from France, and then create exercises and films following the tasks proposed in the Rules of the Game.

The project starts in November,  leading up to shadings of works in progress in March, and then final presentations at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June.  All of the participants are invited to join in the final presentation sessions at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh in June, and see their work presented on the cinema screen.

The project runs throughout the world.  In England it is co-ordinated by the BFI.
A blog by Mark Reid of the BFI can be found here, which details their approach to the project and progress through it. 

We are grateful to Creative Scotland for their support in the development and delivery of Understanding Cinema.

The aim of this blog is to create a space where tutors, teachers and participants in the project can share their work and thoughts on the project.

We’ve invited the tutors to write articles about the Long Take and their work, and the Long Take in relation to aspects of cinema craft.

Some examples of The Long Take can be found here.

Many thanks for dropping by.



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