Sandie’s Lumiere minutes

The purpose of this exercise was to record the world around you in one minute of material in the manner of the Lumiere Brothers i.e. shot from a fixed position, lasting one minute and including the sounds recorded on location at the time of filming.

‘Chores’ was filmed in my garden on a very windy day. I looked out and saw that my neighbour had left a duvet cover on the washing line and it looked like it was going to take off at any minute. I wanted to capture the peril of the washing on the line but also to show the space that is in the frame of the camera. This concept will be particularly important if any of my groups want to choreograph movement as part of their final films. Note the sound in the background is heavy artillery from the army training ground a couple of miles away. I never notice it unless I have to film something in town.

Chores from Sandie Jamieson UC on Vimeo.

Sheep was filmed in a field five minutes from my house. I often go running past this field and love the view of the sea and the sheep happily grazing. I wanted to capture the occasional disturbance to this tranquil scene.

Sheep from Sandie Jamieson UC on Vimeo.

I have enjoyed doing this  little exercise. It’s like a video doodle but with guidelines. I think it’s something I might keep doing beyond this project.

3 thoughts on “Sandie’s Lumiere minutes

  1. Thanks for sharing Sandie. Love the sheep one. There is almost an advance warning, when some of the sheep start to move earlier. You’d think they’d be used to it, but no, there they are, running away in fear. Lovely composition.

  2. The sheep film is really powerful, although it’s such an everyday scene, you have managed to capture the strangeness of the train running through.

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