Lumiere Minutes From North Mull

The first exercise of the Understanding Cinema project is to record a “Lumiere Minute”.

1. Watching: Lumière Minutes – Recording the World Around You
Each participant will film a minute of material in the manner of the Lumière Brothers.
The shot will be from a fixed position, lasting one minute and include the sounds recorded on location at the time of filming.
The minutes can be filmed either inside or outside.
Chose a place, a subject, a moment and record it, with out influencing anything in the shot.


Here are a couple of my attempts.

I thought I’d try two or three different takes, just to see what would  happened.

The sound of the wind is a feature of all of the clips, burning out the microphone for the best part of the shots.  It was very windy today, so very little else could be heard except the noise of the occasional bird and passing land cruiser.


View from Croig



This is just a simple observation of the sea and a rain front passing over the Isles of Rùm and Muck.
Fishing buoys bob, the light pattern changes and seagulls fly by.

I took the shot beside Croig Pier, an old pier which is used by Kenny Turnbull, a local fisherman, servicing the market for Velvet Crabs in Spain at this time of year.


Dobbie At Croig



Dobbie is one of our friends’ dogs. He’s a rather nice collie dog, and was happily sitting on the wee knoll above the pier watching the world go by.  I could only get below him with the camera, so he and the knoll are rather high up in the frame.  It was so windy that if I put my camera up any higher it would have blown over.  I really must invest in a better tripod.  He goes out of the frame when he hears his owner’s land cruiser passing by.  Ideally I would have liked him to have been in the frame longer and have gone out at the end of the minute, but I thought this is worth showing, as it proves you can’t always plan things out.


Main Street, Dervaig



I crouched down outside the Pink House at the end of the street in Dervaig to take this shot.

Dervaig is a village in the North of Mull.  The main focus of the village during the day is Dugie’s Shop.  Dugie’s started off with a tiny little storefront, about the size of your living room, perhaps, from where he supplied groceries to the people of Dervaig.  Last year he extended the shop out the back, in to the old village hall.  The augmented size of the shop has really changed the life of people here.  We used to have to go in to Tobermory, some 8 or 9 miles from our front door, for our weekly shop, but now we just go to Dugies.  He even stocks Aubergine on a regular basis.  Something that the co-op in Tob does not.
Morag, the lady who comes up the street with her stick, is 80 years old.  Lily, who passes by in the pram, is about 3 weeks old.

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