Yasmin’s Lumiere Minute

My friend Wendy has been at my house for a week doing some much-needed welding work on his van. Here, he is cutting out a patch of metal ready to weld. At this time of year the days short so although he has been working for hours, he now has to depend on the dim light of his head torch to see what he’s doing. As the viewer, when the minute starts we don’t know exactly what we’re looking at – but once the grinder hits the metal and the sparks fly the scene is lit! We can then see the figure, the van and their surroundings before they are once more plunged into darkness.

2 thoughts on “Yasmin’s Lumiere Minute

  1. This is a beautiful little film Yasmin. I love that we can only see what is happening intermittently, like little magical moments in the dark. Lovely.

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