Craighill Primary School Lumiere Minutes

filmed around Tain!


5 thoughts on “Craighill Primary School Lumiere Minutes

  1. I love how the sounds of voices and other noises off camera contribute to our understanding of what we’re seeing. A perfect example in this piece is “And what happened to your trousers, madame?”. Great work.

  2. In the stability and composure of the framing, the clarity and richness of sound (especially offscreen sound) and the sheer patient attentiveness to its environments, these are so reminiscent of great unintrusive documentary film-maker Frederick Wiseman. His film Belfast Maine, is four and half hours long; you capture the same sense of rich community in 10 minutes! Now, for something similar-but-different, look at what St Mark’s PS did with London’s Holloway Road:

    • Thanks for your comments Mark, I will share these with the class, they have really embraced this style of working and we have spent alot of time discussing their choices and looking at other film work. We are really enjoying this topic and will be developing their film ideas over the next few weeks.

    • Thank you Mark for your comments. We really enjoyed making the films. We are actually about 85 miles south of John o Groats. 40 miles north of Inverness, so still pretty far North. We look forward to seeing the clip of Holloway Road. Taing mhor agus mar sin leibh! Class 4-7 Gaelic 🙂

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