Grandma’s Footsteps! – Holy Family Primary

This is one of the earliest exercises I gave my class at Holy Family in Aberdeen, as a means of getting them to think about the different effects (emotional/sensational) created by different camera angles and shot-styles.

They were tasked with filming the same action – a game of “Grandma’s Footsteps” – in a variety of different ways (they came up with the shots themselves). We then went on to analyse the results. How does each shot make us feel? Are we looking through somebody’s eyes? Whose? How does that affect what we understand of what is going on? Do they remember having seen shots like these in any films or TV that they have watched? Etc…

I found that I needed to mute the sound on the clips, so that they weren’t so distracted or self-conscious when watching themselves and could focus on the shots themselves.


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