Whitecraig Primary School Lumiere Minutes

At last here are the Lumiere Minutes from Whitecraig PS in East Lothian. The students are Primary 6-7 and there are 21 of them in total. I think we might have a couple extra ones in this batch.

The videos are mixed in their interest and quality. We had a very good feedback session as we went through them and the students were asked to comment on what made for a successful Lumiere Minute. They learned that making mistakes is a great learning tool, as they could see the difference between a good shot and a not so good one. What could have changed in their Lumiere Minute to made it better.

What was interesting is the filming of the same space, similar activities but by different students. The first and second clip of this selection is the same activity filmed in two different spaces. We talked about this and what the students thought about the advantages of a ‘contained’ frame (clip 1) where everything happens in that frame versus an ‘open’ frame (clip 2) where there is action happening outside the frame. I think this was an interesting concept for the students to consider.


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