St John’s RC HS – Exercise 2

Miss Keegan’s film- making class proudly present two films for Exercise 2 of the Understanding Cinema project:

The Static camera


The Moving camera


We have had a discussion about what we have learned from the Understanding Cinema project so far …..

  1. If you don’t have a tripod, it’s difficult to keep the camera still especially when switching on and off
  2. Look for the most interesting angle to show the action.
  3. Set the camera in the right place for a good shot.
  4. Don’t be scared to move the camera to get a good shot.
  5. Be quiet during recording.
  6. Actors – don’t look at the camera.
  7. We don’t like our voices on film.
  8. It’s good for everyone to put in their ideas.
  9. The way the story could be told changed between the static and moving camera.
  10. The camera operator needs to concentrate hard and must know the story well.
  11. For actors, the moving camera made it more difficult to act as if the camera wasn’t there. However, when you watch the moving camera scene back, it’s really good because you feel like you are in the action.
  12. The moving camera allowed us to show more of the story, for example what was happening outside the door, and to show the characters better.
  13. For the camera operator, doing the moving camera shots was more interesting.
  14. It’s fun making films.




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