Rowantree Primary School – What we’ve learned so far!

We wanted to let you know what we have learned from filming the Lumiere minutes and Exercise 2.

  • I learnt to speak loud and clear.
  • I found out all of the different camera angles to use with the camera.
  • I learnt where props go and to remember their position
  • I learnt how to use a tripod, how to hold a camera and how to use a camera.
  • I found out how to read a script properly and to act it all out.
  • I thought it was quite boring when we set up the tripod.
  • I found it fun acting in front of the camera.
  • I learnt how to write a script
  • What I found most boring was writing the script.
  • I learnt to work with different people.
  • I learnt not to look at the camera and to stay in character when acting. I found it difficult to stay in character but found it easy to act.
  • I found it difficult to remember my lines sometimes.
  • I liked going to the gym and getting scared.
  • I know how to record videos and that acting is quite hard.
  • I have learnt how to take different shots.
  • I liked doing the film about the haunted gym cupboard.
  • I liked when we got to see the tripod and the clapperboard.
  • We learnt how people make films.
  • We learnt to use choreography.
  • I learnt to be quiet using a camera when it’s on the actors.
  • I learnt how to take part in a film. It’s easier to act better now.
  • I have learnt to be confident.
  • It was fun and we learnt new things everyday and now I know how to work a camera but the best thing was I learnt to work together.
  • What we learned in filming – not to go too far away from the camera; to use loud voices; how to write a script; to work as a team; how to use a camera and how to put a camera on a tripod; how to take shots at different angles; how to write a film script and to make a two minute film; how to act properly and how to stay in character.
  • I learned not to speak behind the camera; how to act properly and how to hold the camera properly





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