March Meet Up

On the last day of March the tutors and project team got together in Edinburgh at the Filmhouse to review the project and share the films from exercise 2 in person.

It was a great day, I was so pleased to have so many of us in one place together, sharing our experience of the project, seeing and hearing about the work of the participants.

Delivering the project in isolation, as most of us are, with the occasional hang out online to chat things through, is a fine way to do things, but best of all is getting us all together. 

Having seen the excellent work from the other participants from around the world a few weeks ago in France, I’m so happy to say that the work of the Scottish groups really holds its head high amongst the work on the project on the world stage.  

Film making is such an exciting skill for young people to explore.  It covers so many disciplines that challenge you.  I’m so pleased that our participants have embraced the chance to work with our tutors on this project to the level that they have.  I look forward to the sharing days at the end of the project when they can all get together and talk to each other about their experience of film making and what they’ve learned.    




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