Belmont Movie Makers – Exercise 2

The Saturday group at the Belmont Cinema came up with this great scene for Exercise 2.

The brief was to create a short scene (2-3min) which will be filmed using a Long Take, first from a fixed point and then again with a moving camera.

For the static shot, the group was influenced by some of the ‘double scene’ clips we had watched together in class. And, although we tried several different types of shot with a moving camera, we all agreed that this version worked best – crossing space slowly and deliberately, revealing one room at a time in a somewhat theatrical manner as influenced by (among others) Wes Anderson’s intro to Moonrise Kingdom. The group was keen mirroring the action at the start and end of the scene, which I think worked very successfully.

I was really pleased with their clever use of the limited space we had! So much care and effort went into dressing the scene in a short amount of time… The sound of the computer game was all controlled within the scene by the actors, and we just got lucky with the timing on that front! Well done.

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