Final Films Coming In & Public Session

I’ve spent the last couple of days watching the films from the project as they’ve poured in from across the country.
I think we’re going to be in for some very special screenings in Edinburgh later next month.

If you’re around on Sun 22nd of June, please come along and join us at Filmhouse for an afternoon’s screening of a selection of our films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  We’ll also have special guests showing their work from the London Nautical School, who’ve taken part in the project over in France for the last couple of years.  Their teacher Chris Waugh is one of the most inspirational educationalists I’ve ever met.  Their work is always interesting, and I can’t wait to see it.

Our tutors are now into doing feedback sessions with our participants, in the run up to festival showings.

It’s still a busy time and there’s a lot to be done as our films get renedered in to the DCP format for being shown at the EIFF.

After the screenings in June we’ll put all of the films up on line here on the site on a separate page. 

Sin agaibh e.  Et bien, voila.  There you have it.

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